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Super Smash Bros: Melee and Brawl

Find out here about the first Gamecube game to include Pokémon- the fight-a-thon that is Smash Bros Melee. Thanks to Donkey, Neal and Rex for doing this.

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In this game you can fight each other as Pokémon! .. No as Pokémon not using Pokémon.. its different.

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Sentret questions

What percentage of a Pichu's health is lost when it uses its thunder attack?
Lose health? Poor cute huggy cuddly yellow shocking Pichu... That's not nice. But.. but.. Pichu only loses a tiny little small bit of HP when in the nasty direct fighting thing with Mario and Kirby, and other cutie-puties. Only 1 small little percent thingie. Poor Pichu.. Hug!
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