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This page is designed to make EV training as painless as possible, it will cover the items and methods available to you in Black/White for EV training. First, if you're new to EV training, or just heard of it, read either of these guides:

Guide 1 [By Rex]
Guide 2 [By Dan Dan]

Read them? Good. There's nothing horrendously complicated by EV training, and nor is it anywhere near as time-draining as it used to be.

Note: In previous games, being granted a ribbon by a woman who'd look at your Pokemon would tell you that the EVs are maxed out. It works slightly different in Black and White. In Opelucid City there's a woman in one of the houses that will tell you something on the lines of “put a lot of effort in” when a Pokemon is fully EV trained but won't grant you a ribbon.

Helpful Items

The Power items are the way to go if you want to train quickly, and there's little worry in using them. However, you won't be able to send them over them from a 4th gen game as you expect, instead you'll have to earn them in the Battle Subway. You can do it without the items but its very, very tedious.

The items themselves had 4 stat points every battle depending on what stat the enchant. For example, if holding a Power Bracer to a Pokemon (nd then defeating an enemy Patrat (1 Attack EV), the result will look something like this.

Patrat's attack EV (1) + Power Bracer yield (4) = 5 Attack EVs.

Of course, Pokerus doubles this giving you 10 Attack EVS. Not bad for one battle eh. Remember, a Power Item will give you its corresponding EV regardless of what EV you receive from Battle. You could equip a Power Bracer and attack nothing but Special Attack Giving EV Pokemon and receive 1 Special Attack EV and 4 Attack ones from a single battle.

Here are the Power Items and the stats they raise.

Power Item EV

Power Anklet
4 Speed

Power Band
4 Spec. Defence

Power Belt
4 Defence

Power Bracer
4 Attack

Power Lens
4 Spec. Attack

Power Weight
4 HP

In addition to that, new items called Wings are available and raise a Pokemon's EV total by 1. What's the point you may say? Well, for one, they're not subjected to the cap that vitamins have, so in theory you could give your Pokemon 252 in special attack.

They are found at Driftveil Draw Bridge and Marvelous Bridge in the shadows that randomly appear.

Wing EV

Health Wing
1 HP

Resist Wing
1 Defence

Clever Wing
1 Spec. Defence

Muscle Wing
1 Attack

Genius Wing
1 Spec. Attack

Swift Wing
1 Speed

EV Hotspots

Now you have your items, its time to EV train. There are locations within the game that are ideal because of the Pokemon found there, the encounter rate, and so, here they are.


Route 1 (Unova)

Pokemon EV Given Encounter Rate

1 Attack 50%

1 Attack 50%

Attack is easily given with these two on the first route in the game, ideal from training a Pokemon straight from an egg, you'll find nothing but these outside rare shaking grass.


Pinwheel Forest Inside

Pokemon EV Given Encounter Rate

1 Defence 35%

1 Defence 20%

Either one should appear enough to give you an easy stream of Defence EVs.

Special Attack

Celestial Tower 2F

Pokemon EV Given Encounter Rate

1 Special Attack 100%

On the second floor you'll find nothing but Litwicks, and nothing but Special Attack EVs.

Special Defence

Route 4 (Unova), Route 17 (Unova) and Route 18 (Unova)

Pokemon EV Given Encounter Rate

1 Special Defence 100%

Found surfing at the above location, Frillish being the only thing found like this will give you out special defence EVs easy.


Route 8 (Unova), Icirrus City and Moor of Icirrus

Pokemon EV Given Encounter Rate

2 HP 100%

Again, by surfing in these areas you'll always run into Stunfisk.


Lots of Areas including: Route 1 (Unova), Route 3 (Unova) and Route 6 (Unova)

Pokemon EV Given Encounter Rate

2 Speed 100%
at most areas.

Basculin can be found in a lot of places by surfing and the above locations are just example where it can be found 100%.

Page written by Ledyba. Additional contributions by .

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Victini on Sat 12 Mar 2011 21:10:26 UTC.
is ev training really that good? i've never tried it.
Ledyba on Sun 13 Mar 2011 18:46:26 UTC.
Infernalbird on Tue 22 Mar 2011 18:14:21 UTC.
This guide is useful, wish I had found it BEFORE I EV trained by Swellow and Hydreigon.

I'd also say (Once the game is cleared) In the desert relic, you can find Cofagrigus who gives 2 Defense Evs Sandslash Another 2 Defense EVs and Onix gives 1 Defense EV. but there is the very common Krokorok to get in the way (Giving 2 attack)

Also, a much better attack training place is Route 10, Herdier and Bouffalant give 2 attack EVs, and Stoutland (Shaking grass) gives 3.

Also, If your adding stuff, add Maco Brace, lowers speed but 2+ to whatever EVs are obtained, basicly, only 32 pokemon need to be killed for each stat.
nerve atk on Sun 03 Apr 2011 02:48:43 UTC.
im using the route 10 suggestion and i love it im ev traing my lucario in speed and atk at route 1 for speed against basculin and im owning herdier and bouffalant for atk
ty for this guide and the comment by infernalbird!
Ledyba on Sun 03 Apr 2011 14:08:25 UTC.
if - thanks for your comments, Macho Brace, tbh, that completely sliped my mind I will ammend it.

although I disagree about route 10, mostly because with Route 1 you can train a new born Pokemon straight from the start and with the time taken fro switching in and stuff, route 1 may never well be faster. Nethertheless I will add it to the guide because it can have its own uses.


nerve atk on Sun 03 Apr 2011 14:32:57 UTC.
you can use an exp share and both pokemon will get the ev's evenly against a stoutland a lvl 1 with exp share would also get the 3 atk EVs and since i have pokerus it'll give 6 making it easy
Ledyba on Mon 04 Apr 2011 20:08:05 UTC.
still a bit more time conusiming for standered EV training (As in one poke) when considering you can do that with Lipups and get 10 (assume power item).
Gladiatah on Tue 05 Apr 2011 00:34:33 UTC.
Heh, I had to join this forum simply because of this guide. It was especially helpful when I decided to breed some Axew for my competitive team. Hopefully there are other guides of equal use here. Thanks again!
niminam on Sun 10 Apr 2011 11:36:09 UTC.
in your guide it says you can't normally EV-train at level 100 however you can in black and white, youre pokémon's stats will be calculated after every battle
nerve atk on Mon 11 Apr 2011 20:32:44 UTC.
i found that out after you said this ty i re EV trained my lvl 100 arceus in sp atk turns out he had 31 sp atk IVs lol who knew?
nerve atk on Mon 11 Apr 2011 20:35:44 UTC.
^ he now has 408 sp atk and hits anything with his all sp atk move set i have him with
RioluRiku on Mon 18 Apr 2011 20:41:54 UTC.
Nerve atk
good now if we battle I will use blissey to stop that Arceus
on Sat 14 May 2011 23:34:54 UTC.
I'll try training another Chandelure to lv. 100, and maxing out its Special Attack as hard as I can.
lyra10 on Mon 16 May 2011 22:50:05 UTC.
hi i need big help ev training plz pm me on how thanks
Spriter on Thu 11 Aug 2011 11:30:33 UTC.
BTW, In this gen, you can EV train Lv100s the normal way, but they don't need to level up to gain them.
Specstile on Sat 08 Oct 2011 22:56:33 UTC.
There's also a change in the berry reducing items too, the evs do not drop to 100 when the evs are above 100 and just reduce by 10 instead.
Luigi Layton on Sat 05 Nov 2011 14:06:49 UTC.
you know, route 8 is a good place for HP ev training. Along with Stunfisk, Palpitoad gives out 2 HP evs. the occasional shelmet gets in the way, but otherwise, it's a great place
lyra10 on Tue 17 Jan 2012 18:28:07 UTC.
what sould i ev train my zubat in plz help
thereamoemo on Thu 19 Jan 2012 20:01:15 UTC.
@lyra10 whatever stat you want it in, it depends on what set you want to run