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How the RPGs work - why Pokémon are different, why Hidden Power varies, why a move doesn't always deal the same amount of damage and why that last Ultra Ball can barely miss catching that bloody shiny Onix!

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Sentret questions

How much do moves like leer, charm or harden raise or lower stats
Sentret thinks like Sentret's seen the numbers but like it's quite complicated and difficult so yeah Sentret like doesn't really get it either but a bit and lot?!
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hey sentret, i would like to know please what really is the point of incresing your pkmn's happiness, does it increse its attack? what does it do? thnx; jackarapter!
Sentret thinks like it does lots and lots and lots of things like making some attacks, better, having them evolved, make them smile, and so on, and so on, and son on and stuff and thingies...
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i got a traded chatot for a buizel but the chatot can't listen to me plz help
Sentret feels the same. Sentret like feels you like need to prove yourself more!!! Sentret thinks you need to show you have defeated more strong trainers!!
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Hey Sentret Is it possible to tell IV's from Lv 1 Accurately?
Sentret has heard about some IV battle thingies, but Sentret didn't really understand :(:(
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What are EVs?
Sentret thinks they've got something to do with how much training and against which Pokemon they've got it or something, but there's smarter people on here who can explain it better :(:(:(:(:(:(:(
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