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Puzzle League and Puzzle Challenge

Another section... combined! Here you can find a page of information on both Pokémon Puzzle League for N64 and Pokémon Puzzle Challenge for Game Boy Color. No jokes this time. Monkey Butler.

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Puzzle Challenge
Puzzle League
Sentret questions

Dear Sentret, I'm really having troubles with Pokemon Puzzle Challenge on the GBC. do you have something, a hint or a cheat to get the 'secret' pokemon?
Puzzle Challenge.. I just loooove puzzles!! Although not the hard ones, they make Sentret's little brain hurt.. But Pokemon Puzzle Challenge is kewl! There's a Sentret in it!!! Kewl!!! Sen! Sentret!! Just play with Sentret!! It'll all be okay, believe me!! Only seven blocks at once, and there's Sentret! Sentret!!! SENTRET!!!
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