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The Ninja Poké-Showdown

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Indigo League
Japanese Title
Fuchsia Ninja Confrontation!
English Title
The Ninja Poké-Showdown
Dutch Title
De Pokémon en de ninja
Spanish Title
El Pokenfrentamiento ninja
French Title
Le ninja Pokémon
Italian Title
La villa dei ninja
German Title
Die Arena der Ninjas
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This episode is essential viewing because:
Ash defeats Koga and earns a Soul Badge.

We see Ash in a tree. They are looking for the Fuschia Gym. Brock is looking at a map. They're lost in a deep forest. They rest near a waterfall and Psyduck is getting a drink. Misty tells it that cold water would make its headache worse. Brock is brushing Vulpix. Misty offers to trade her Psyduck for his Vulpix. It would be easier to brush, because it only has 3 hairs! In a tree, a Venonat is watching them.

They cross a plank across a gorge, and see a huge mansion. The Venonat is watching them again. They go inside, but it appears to be deserted. Misty leans against a wall and falls through. Brock says it must be a secret door. He touches it and it opens. They see the Venonat! It runs away. They follow. Ash is suddenly electrocuted by something, which he thinks was Pikachu. It was a Voltorb! They run away, but where is Venonat? Ash suddenly runs into an invisible wall, then another. Brock says it must be a trap and they're going to steal their Pokémon!

Ash grabs onto a wall and it falls. Brock and Misty think he has fallen in the gorge, but Ash managed to hang onto the wall. They pull him up. It's the Venonat again! Ash says he's going to teach it a lesson. Then he's suddenly pinned to a wall by ninja stars. A weird girl appears. She says she is Aya, Ninja Warrior. Brock goes into his usually sees-a-pretty-girl-trance. Aya says they are in a training camp and they can't leave until they battle her!

Her Venonat told her that 3 people had come. Ash accepts her challenge. He sends out Bulbasaur. Aya uses Venonat. Bulbasaur uses Tackle, but Venonat dodges and bounces off its head. It uses Stun Spore, but Bulbasaur uses Whirlwind to blow it away. It uses Vine Whip, but Venonat dodges. It uses Psybeam but misses. Bulbasaur uses Leech Seed and hits it! Venonats power is being drained away. Aya brings it back.

A Voltorb rolls into the room and explodes. A strange man appears. Aya says it's her brother. Brock says he has a very nice sister. The man says he is Koga, leader of the Fuschia Gym and they can't leave until they battle him! Team Rocket sees the gym through binoculars. They're going to break in and steal all the Poison Pokémon.

It will be a 2 on 2 match. Koga sends Venonat and Ash send Pidgeotto. Then Venonat evolves into Venomoth! It uses Stun Spore and Pidgeotto tries using Whirlwind to blow it away, but fails. Venomoth uses Sleep Powder and Pidgeotto loses. Ash brings it back. He sends Charmander, who gets rid of the Stun Spore with Flamethrower. Suddenly, the ceiling breaks.

A curtain pulls back, revealing two figures in costumes, holding umbrellas. It's Team Rocket in really stupid looking costumes. They say their lines, then they fall down from the weight of the costumes. They takes them off and send Arbok and Weezing! Before Venonat, Venomoth and Charmander can attack, Jessie throws some sticky web stuff at them so they can't move, then they web Pikachu. Misty tries sending Staryu and Starmie, but Psyduck comes out instead. Misty says it might as well go. Psyduck hugs her leg. She says it's driving her crazy! Dexter lists Psyduck's attacks. Tail Whip. Psyduck moves its tail back and forth. Then it uses Scratch. We see Arbok biting its head. Psyduck starts running around the room.

Koga says he has something that can help them. A bunch of Voltorbs fall from the ceiling! Jessie and James catch them with the web stuff. Meowth says he could practice his bowling with these guys, then they realize that they are Voltorbs. They explode.

The room suddenly tilts. Koga says it is a slanted room, used to confuse their enemies. The others can't get the web stuff off the Pokémon. Team Rocket comes. They start sliding on the slanted floor. Meowth throws one of the Voltorb which explodes. Pikachu can't use his electricity to get the webbing off. Psyduck is still running around the room holding its head and Misty cant get it to return. Meowth kicks Psyduck, then hits it. It's going crazy. Brock says its headache must be getting worse.

Blue waves come from Psyduck's forehead. Disable! It then uses Confusion, sending Team Rocket smashing against the walls. It throws them out of the building, after which it uses its powers to get rid of the webbing. Misty is surprised that Psyduck had that kind of power all along. Koga says it was most impressive. He would gladly trade his Venomoth for it. Misty says no. Ash says she couldn't wait to get rid of it! Koga says they still have to finish their match.

Koga sends Golbat. Ash sends Charmander. Golbat uses Wing Attack and Charmander counters with Ember. Golbat uses Supersonic, but Charmander is unaffected and uses Flamethrower. It accidently hits Brock with it. Then it uses Fire Spin on Golbat. It's fried and Ash wins. He gets a Soulbadge.

So they continue on their way. Misty tells Psyduck it did a good job. She just hopes the success doesn't go to its head.

This episode guide has been written by flik.

The Ninja Poké-Showdown Trivia:

 This episode marks Maddie Blaustein's first episode as Meowth.
 Brock's eyes are shown to open during this episode.
 Psyduck releases itself from it's Pokéball for the first time.
 This episode was banned in South Korea.

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