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The Bridge Bike Gang

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Indigo League
Japanese Title
Stormy Cycling Road
English Title
The Bridge Bike Gang
Dutch Title
De fiets groep
Spanish Title
La banda de las bicis del puente
French Title
Le gang des bicyclettes
Italian Title
Avventura su due ruote
German Title
Die Fahrrad-Gang
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This episode begins with Ash and the others in a city. The see a bridge. They can cross it to Sunny Town without having to go all the way around. But it isn't finished yet and only cars can go across. The bike route is done however. Misty says if Ash hadn't destroyed hers, they could be across by now.

They can't afford any new ones either. They go to the Pokémon Center and try to think of a plan. Nurse Joy sees them and asks whether they can help her. Brock jumps up and, standing on Ash, says they'll do anything. Joy says she's worried about a sick Pokémon in Sunny Town. She'd take the medicine herself, but she's busy with the Pokémon at the center. Joy says they can use some of the center's bikes!

Ash and the others are riding on the bikes while the bike music from the game plays! Brock and Misty are on a tandem bike.

Team Rocket is watching from a raft. Meowth wonders wheter they have a chance. They say they have the hometown advantage!

Ash and the others are at a rest stop. They see someone coming. It's a bicycle gang! Ash and the others try to leave, but they're surrounded. The leader says they have to have a proper introduction and Ash, Misty and Brock all say hi, then try to leave. A girl says they have to have a Pokémon battle, and Ash accepts. Brock says he/d love to be introduced to a girl like that.

The leader sends Golem and Ash sends Bulbasaur. Bulbasaur uses Vine Whip, but Golem curls up and it doesn't affect it much. Golem uses Tackle, knocking out Bulbasaur! Ash brings it back. He sends Comet Punch and it uses Ember. No effect. It then uses Flamethrower and Fire Spin, setting Golem on fire. The guy tells it to use Tackle and then it rolls, flaming, towards the gang! Ash and the others laugh. The guy brings it back, but the Pokeball is hot.

The girl sends a Cloyster! Misty says to leave it to her, since it's a Water Pokémon. She wants to send Starmie, but Psyduck comes out instead! She says to give it a try. Psyduck walks over, causing the ggang to laugh hysterically. It uses Tail Whip, causing more laughter. When it pokes itself on one of Cloyster's spines, even Ash starts laughing. Misty says just wait until they see its real power. She tells it to use Disable, but it can't and it can't remember Confusion either! Brock says it headache isn/t bad enough yet.

Misty starts shouting for Cloyster to clamp Psyduck on the head, causing the gang to laugh even more. Cloyster clamps onto Psyduck's tail. Misty decides she'll give Psyduck a headache by hitting it with a bicycle! Before she can, sirens are heard.

It's Team Rocket on unicycles! They say their lines. Tara, the girl, says its Big Jess and the guy, Chopper, says its Little Jim. Jessie says they had a bad reputation here. Tara says she was Chainer Jessie and Chopper says James was Trainer James,and the only one in the group who had to use training wheels. Jessie says now their secret past is revealed. Ash and the others wish it was still a secret.

Jessie asks the gang to help them deal with Ash and the others and to get all their Pokémon. More sirens are heard. This time it's the police with Officer Jenny. Team Rocket and the bike gang run. Jenny offers to escort Ash and the others across the bridge, but she gets a call and has to leave.

A storm! Pikachu is almost blown away, but Ash catches it in time. Team Rocket watches them from inside. Chopper and Tara says they should be out there and show the rest of the gang how to really ride. They all adore them. Jessie and James are hesitant. Finally James says he just wished he had his training wheels with him, and Jessie says they'll show them how to really ride.

At the Pokémon Center, Joy tells the other Joy that the medicine hasn't arrived yet. She looks over at the sick Pokémon, a Shellder.

A draw bridge and a boat is going beneath it. Brock says they should wait for it to go back down, but Ash says he isn't waiting.

Team Rocket wishes they weren't out in this rain. The gang tells them to show them what they can do.

Ash is going to jump the bridge: He can't let the sick Pokémon down. So he and the others are going up one side and Team rocket is on the other. They jump, but they aren't going to make it! Ash and the others bounce off Jessie's and James' heads and land on the other side while Team Rocket falls into the water. The bike gang says it was awesome. Chopper says they have to battle, but Ash says he's delivering medicine for a sick Pokémon. Tara asks if that is why they're out in the storm? Chopper says these guys are real bikers. They'll take them there in style!

They go to the Pokémon Center and give the medicine to Nurse Joy. She pours it over the Shellder and it's okay. Chopper says they'll call Ash 'Awesome Ash', and Misty will be 'Mighty Misty'. Brock tells Tara she can call him Honey and she punches him.

We see the water and a river bank with some guys fishing. Team Rocket rides out of the water on a unicycle. This is a vicious cycle.

This episode guide has been written by flik.

The Bridge Bike Gang Trivia:

 Chopper's bicycle looks like a Zapdos.
 The gag whereby Misty drags Brock away by the ear was used for the first time in this episode.
 The Bicycle tune from Pokémon Red/Blue is heard in this episode.

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