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Gym Heroes

First set to feature gym leaders and their Pokémon

Blaine's Moltres144Rare Holofoil
Brock's Rhydon238Rare Holofoil
Erika's Clefable335Rare Holofoil
Erika's Dragonair432Rare Holofoil
Erika's Vileplume534Rare Holofoil
Lt. Surge's Electabuzz628Rare Holofoil
Lt. Surge's Fearow730Rare Holofoil
Lt. Surge's Magneton830Rare Holofoil
Misty's Seadra930Rare Holofoil
Misty's Tentacruel1030Rare Holofoil
Rocket's Hitmonchan1129Rare Holofoil
Rocket's Moltres1226Rare Holofoil
Rocket's Scyther1323Rare Holofoil
Sabrina's Gengar1439Rare Holofoil
Brock15TrainerRare Holofoil
Erika16TrainerRare Holofoil
Lt. Surge17TrainerRare Holofoil
Misty18TrainerRare Holofoil
The Rocket's Trap19TrainerRare Holofoil
Brock's Golem2040Rare
Brock's Onix2130Rare
Brock's Rhyhorn2225Rare
Brock's Sandslash2326Rare
Brock's Zubat245Rare
Erika's Clefairy2517Rare
Erika's Victreebel2637Rare
Lt. Surge's Electabuzz2722Rare
Lt. Surge's Raichu2832Rare
Misty's Cloyster2930Rare
Misty's Goldeen308Rare
Misty's Poliwrath3143Rare
Misty's Tentacool3212Rare
Rocket's Snorlax3340Rare
Sabrina's Venomoth3424Rare
Blaine's Growlithe3517Uncommon
Blaine's Kangaskhan3636Uncommon
Blaine's Magmar3729Uncommon
Brock's Geodude3817Uncommon
Brock's Golbat3930Uncommon
Brock's Graveler4030Uncommon

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