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Team Rocket

Featuring "dark" version of some evolutions of Pokémon, as well as alternative versions to some basic Pokémon. Loads of new trainers in the mix too makes this set Psythors favourite.

Dark Alakazam130Rare Holofoil
Dark Arbok225Rare Holofoil
Dark Blastoise328Rare Holofoil
Dark Charizard438Rare Holofoil
Dark Dragonite533Rare Holofoil
Dark Dugtrio618Rare Holofoil
Dark Golbat725Rare Holofoil
Dark Gyarados831Rare Holofoil
Dark Hypno926Rare Holofoil
Dark Machamp1030Rare Holofoil
Dark Magneton1126Rare Holofoil
Dark Slowbro1227Rare Holofoil
Dark Vileplume1329Rare Holofoil
Dark Weezing1424Rare Holofoil
Here Comes Team Rocket!15TrainerRare Holofoil
Rocket's Sneak Attack16TrainerRare Holofoil
Rainbow Energy17EnergyRare Holofoil
Dark Alakazam1830Rare
Dark Arbok1925Rare
Dark Blastoise2028Rare
Dark Charizard2138Rare
Dark Dragonite2233Rare
Dark Dugtrio2318Rare
Dark Golbat2425Rare
Dark Gyarados2531Rare
Dark Hypno2626Rare
Dark Machamp2730Rare
Dark Magneton2826Rare
Dark Slowbro2927Rare
Dark Vileplume3029Rare
Dark Weezing3124Rare
Dark Charmeleon3223Uncommon
Dark Dragonair3328Uncommon
Dark Electrode3424Uncommon
Dark Flareon3523Uncommon
Dark Gloom3621Uncommon
Dark Golduck3723Uncommon
Dark Jolteon3823Uncommon
Dark Kadabra3924Uncommon
Dark Machoke4028Uncommon

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