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She lives near Greenfield and is a strong trainer. She meets Ash in the 3rd Pokemon movie and gives him a match, she drew with Ash but almost lost. Her {pkmn|pokemon|195} managed to draw with his {pkmn|pokemon|25}: because of its dual water and ground types, it managed to withstand Pikachu's electric attacks, Pikachu used a {pkmn|move|29} instead and managed to take the match from lost to draw.

She appeared once in one film, {pkmn|episode|544}, and in none in the episodes.

She was very kind and gave Ash her Pok├ęgear when he went into the tower created by the {pkmn|pokemon|201}. Prof. Oak contacted Ash through the Pok├ęgear and told him to go back, but she backed Ash up by telling Prof. Oak "He's trying to save his mom."

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