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Hey hey hey! Hello all you wonderful trainer boys and girls. I am Sentret!!! I am your advisor for ALL your Pokemon problems!!! Ask your questions here, and you'll see your questions answered as soon as Sentret can send back the answers from Route 29! Isn't that kewl? Yay! Have fun everyone!!!!!

Be sure to ask only one question at a time, otherwise Sentret gets confused.
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Issue 77

Dear Sentret, Can you read this question without getting distracted?
From Lmanoya

Where is Pokemon Go in the games tab?
From TorkoalIsTheBest

Where do I find Lugia in Johto?
From System1500
Sentret saw it fly over route 29 once. It went somewhere to the left but like really shiny and wet and stuff. Sentret tried to get Hoothoot to follow it but got all confused and spun around
Oooh, ooh, another cool section. Look at HeartGold and SoulSilver !!! Isn't that kewl???

do you like haunters?
From hauntedHeart
Sentret is too scared of them please stay away

Does Sentret have a discord chat?
From iiCookies
YES! Join us and look at us!

Sentret, I'm new on this site and I want to know how to use cards! how do I? P.S. Love your work, keep hugging the gumpy name rater till he stops being grumpy! hugs are the best medicine! ^_^... usually!
From TheStarborn
Sentret says like you get them and look at them and just all of that really

Do you like puns?
From To4oo4
No but Sentret loves prunes

what is your favorite pokemon type? mine would have to be water
From BuckeyeNation
Sentret thinks fairies are so so so pretty

I think it would be AWESOME if you can fly, what about you?
From Wynaut14324
Sentret can already BOUNCE high ENough!!

Is it better to evolve pokemon with stones as soon as you can or wait until they've learned all their moves?
From GDW311
Sentret thinks you should just leave them the way they are because like maybe they're happier that way