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If Carlsberg did Pokémon game names...

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Apricorns And the spitting trees! (4540 views)
Daily Events Easier than carrying a diary around. (8929 views)
Voltorb Flip The sneaky game of sneaky BOOOMs (4881 views)
Speculate to accumulate, as they say.
Gallery All Heartgoldy and Soulsilvery and shiny!
In-Game Events Not out-game events (6850 views)
Pokéthlon Sponsored by Sunflora (6035 views)
The Final Battle Close relative of The Final Frontier (20587 views)
Gyms Gotta pump it up (21132 views)
TMs and HMs Some technical, some hidden (7911 views)
Gym Leaders - Rematch A bit like what Rocky II was all about. (19444 views)
The Elite Four Brought to you by Pokés 'R' Us; for all your Pokémon needs. (60063 views)
Move Tutors Shake that thang! (12160 views)
Breeding Changes You need to attend antinatal classes now (4535 views)
What's the name of the game?
Wild Held Items (28145 views)
Legendaries Shhhhh! (9216 views)
Starter Pokémon Arch-enemy of the Finisher Pokémon (6859 views)
Special Pokémon My precioussssssssss (5917 views)
Gift Pokémon Free stuff! (5986 views)
Swarming Pokémon Reach for the Beedrill spray (6054 views)
Pokémon Forms Such as Caterpie's tax return (6829 views)
In-Game Trades For those of you without friends (5866 views)
Hoenn and Sinnoh Pokémon Sounds like fun (8659 views)
One step two step.
Introduction What on earth is this? (6479 views)
Exclusive Pokémon Gotta Walk to Catch 'em all! (5539 views)
Courses With full Pokémon and Item lists! (9774 views)
Multi-Generation Content
Stuff that goes with multiple games, so we've put it in with multiple games.
Battle Stat Changes (28809 views)
Natures List and effects of the natures that crop up from the third generation onwards (27286 views)
Abilities by generation All the abilities, listed by when they were introduced (20719 views)
Sentret questions

Where do I find Lugia in Johto?
Sentret saw it fly over route 29 once. It went somewhere to the left but like really shiny and wet and stuff. Sentret tried to get Hoothoot to follow it but got all confused and spun around
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How do you get Spheal in Pokemon Soul Silver?
Sentret thinks like in the safari place with all the wild foreign Pokemon!!!!
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When the remakes for Gold and Silver came out, I could not find Tuscany in the designated spot in Route 29. Where is she? Please give me an answer as soon as possible. Thank you!
Sentret thinks like she's always in Tuesday because like all the other times she's like always playing with Sentret ^_^_^
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in pokemon hgss how do you get the three regis
Sentret thinks like maybe from another game?
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Hey where do you get a bagon in pokemon heartgold
Sentret like things after you've lured them in with a loooot of rocks and trees
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